Changeovers improved by 77% and 484MT off-grade eliminated
Chemical plant changeover improvement



Large multinational


• Improve right first time changeovers from 36.3 hours to 8 hours

• Reduce flushings and reject from 33.9 tonnes to 4 tonnes


• 76.7% time reduction and 79.9% flushing reduction

• Off spec start up batches completely eliminated

• Annualised reduction in material loss of 484MT


On the job coaching for a multi-disciplinary team, using our proprietary problem solving approach and zero based SMED:

•  Multi-person self study of three major areas and 400+     process steps

•  Identify and deliver quick wins with initial focus on eliminating contamination points and reducing flushings

•. Second phase of project to reduce time taken once flushings under control

•  Third phase to introduce product specific piping to bring flushings below the initial 4 MT target, using minor CAPEX

Nominate team for global safety award (successful)