Client team increases output by 15% in 3 months
Deep science understanding and process control – moulded fibre



European moulded fibre recycling business


Improve right first time output by reducing lost time and post bottleneck waste; eliminate the need for bright white CTMP addition by the use of “grey” pulp


>£300k p.a.  CTMP* virgin material saving

Throughput increased by 15%

Profit improvement not disclosed

*CTMP -Chemi-Thermo Mechnical Pulp, basically bright white paper


On the job coaching for a small client technical team, using our proprietary problem solving approach:

•  Understand pattern of failure of "wet" moulded product weight

•  Use fault tree approach to determine the raw material and process variables which govern the product mass

•  Develop a set of control limits and an operator control philosophy to replace the historic "black book" approach to steering the process