Client Quotes

I believe it is not just about what happens to a client's results during the time I am working with you

What really matters is what happens afterwards

Here's what some clients have said:

"Adrian Howe of Marchington Consulting supported me and LM Glasfiber in a very intensive transformation programme.  I’ve used several other consulting companies in the past with mixed results.  I’m often presented by many short term actions, with few sustainable results. With Adrian, it was different:  The approach quickly identified significant improvement potentials, involved the teams and drove for immediate changes, and then let the team themselves create the long-lasting and sustainable results"

Roland Sundén, CEO LM Wind Power

“We approached Adrian in March 2009 to provide coaching and consulting support in one of our key areas of expansion in higher value-add contract packing.  Subsequently, Adrian joined us as interim and full-time production director for a two year period.  This is a very big, fast moving role that requires stamina and energy.
During this time he put in key performance indicators across the operations side of the business and integrated project engineering into the manufacturing team, such that new capital projects and important NPD were delivered on time.  
Adrian very much led the improvement drive from the front, giving up his spare time to teach and coach improvement techniques.  We saw a big step change in safety, quality, efficiency and waste over the two years that Adrian was with us and this was clearly recognised in our customers. We also saw a big engagement with our machinery suppliers to engineer more stable processes.  Adrian continued to deliver big savings right to the end of his time with us in December 2011.”

 - David Saint, Chief Operating Officer, Gerber EMIG