Client team increases marginal contribution by £3.4m p.a.
Debottlenecking - polymers site with 3 lines



Well invested multinational chemical company


Improve site right first time output to meet new sales


•  +5814MT p.a. (19.1%) increase in right first time output over 3 months

•  £3.4m p.a. additional marginal contribution

•  Subsequent years’ OEE averaged 79% and 84%


On the job coaching for workstream leaders and team members, using proprietary problem solving approach, as well as other public domain improvement techniques to address:

•  Repetitive downtime elimination

•  Changeover reduction

•  Targeted speed trials on key product grade families via a mature management of change system, to ensure that in process and finished product quality also improved

Augmentation of an established tiered review system to be more effective